Minified React error #418

In the minified production build of React, we avoid sending down full error messages in order to reduce the number of bytes sent over the wire.

We highly recommend using the development build locally when debugging your app since it tracks additional debug info and provides helpful warnings about potential problems in your apps, but if you encounter an exception while using the production build, this page will reassemble the original error message.

The full text of the error you just encountered is:

Hydration failed because the server rendered HTML didn't match the client. As a result this tree will be regenerated on the client. This can happen if a SSR-ed Client Component used: - A server/client branch `if (typeof window !== 'undefined')`. - Variable input such as `` or `Math.random()` which changes each time it's called. - Date formatting in a user's locale which doesn't match the server. - External changing data without sending a snapshot of it along with the HTML. - Invalid HTML tag nesting. It can also happen if the client has a browser extension installed which messes with the HTML before React loaded.